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app for iOS and Android devices

If you’ve enjoyed Kolibri Languages Practical Guides, you can now take them with you on your next trip to France! The vital cultural tips, key phrases and pronunciation help will be at your fingertips just when you need them.

Not yet familiar with Kolibri Languages Practical Guides? Discover this enjoyable way to learn about all those fascinating cultural differences as you build your confidence in speaking French.


Eating and Shopping in France

Everything you need to enable you to eat well and do your shopping in France.


Meeting the French

What to expect and what you should know when meeting the French.


Life in France

Discover the inside story on everyday life in France.

Keys in France

From the moment you arrive,Keys to France will help you with essential information about staying in French hotels, asking for directions, using public transportand driving in France.

Food and French

This unique Pocket Guide is packed with information about French food. Discover how to serve food the French way, pick up tips from French housewives and learn about favourite ingredients and culinary trends.


The Kolibri Languages app exists for the iPad and iPhone as well as for Android devices. Test its ease of use by downloading free sample pages from each of the Practical Guides, including audio clips, before opting to purchase. You can also sign up to receive more tips for Francophiles as the series expands.


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