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Pocket French Guide : Keys to France

Title : Keys to France

Price : 12.95 € - £9.99 - $14,95

Author : Pam Bourgeois

Level : A1 to A2.

ISBN : 9791091624121

100 pages



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The all-in-one travel and language guide to France. Make the most of your trip to France with essential language help, hundreds of travel tips and cultural insights.

Travelling to France? Slip this Pocket Guide into your bag

From the moment you arrive,Keys to France will help you with essential information about staying in French hotels, asking for directions, using public transportand driving in France.

Of course there’s also lots of information about French food and wines, French markets and eating out.

If you don’t know much French or are a complete beginner, you will learn how to avoid language difficulties and how to get by in lots of different situations with just five powerful French verbs. Discover also the art of kissing on the cheek and how to make a good impression.

Keys to France will also help you if your car breaks down or you need a doctor, or simply want to ask for the toilet. There are even some swear words that you may hear, but of course shouldn’t use!

Organized for easy reference with fun quizzes that will help you memorize key points, Keys to France is an essential companion for your trip to France.


Keys to France Book
Including postage and packing Metropolitan France (12.95 euros + 2 euros postage and packing)
14.95 euros
Keys to France Book
Including postage and packing EU and Switzerland (12.95 euros + 3 euros postage and packing)
15,95 euros
Keys to France Book
Including postage and packing rest of the world ( 12.95 euros + 4 euros postage and packing)
16,95 euros

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